Avira Free Antivirus – The Best Antivirus For You in 2019

Avira Free Antivirus Security Suite for Windows

Avira – the antivirus to keep your computer/laptop healthy

This post is about Avira free antivirus , its features and advantages besides link to download it Free.

With the advent of computers and internet, the world has become a small place indeed. People can reach out to each other from one extreme corner of the world to another in seconds.

Thus, the importance of the computer and the internet can be easily ascertained.

However, there are pros and cons to everything and the same is applicable to machines as well. If the computers are not properly protected and safeguarded, there are chances that the computers will go out of order and breakdown.

The harm is mainly caused by viruses, adware and malware and protection from the same is provided by the various antivirus software. Among the many antivirus software, Avira is one of the most popular names.

While the basic Avira antivirus software is free, the premium and business version is on a paid mode.

High range of protection by Avira

Majority of the antivirus software protect from just few kinds of viruses and malware, Especially free antivirus.

But Avira offers high range of protection from malicious scripts, dialers, adware, rookits along with other viruses and malware.

If a user goes for the paid version, additional security facilities are offered such as protection from online threats like from downloads and malicious websites.

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Email scanner is also provided so that all kinds of outgoing and incoming emails are scanned from any kinds of virus or malicious agents. The effectiveness of the Avira antivirus software has been proved by some of the best companies.

Easy on installation

Avira antivirus software is extremely easy to install and is hassle free. The interface of the software is simple and the controls are well laid out. Even novices can install the software without any problems.

There is a one-click fix button that fixes problems instantly. The software runs automatically and there is no need for any instructions.

Features of Avira antivirus software

  • The software helps in creating a bootable rescue disk. This disk is of great utility in times of emergencies. Even if the machine crashes and refuses to restart, the rescue disk can be used for removing the malware and viruses from the system.
  • The updates of the software take place after every two hours but can be adjusted as per convenience.
  • The process of scanning is real fast by Avira antivirus software. It starts working in fractions of seconds; in fact it scans the files as soon as they are accessed and even before they are opened.
  • This saves the computer from being infected.

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