Why is Defencebyte the Best Antivirus For you in 2019

Defencebyte windows antivirus software

If you are afraid of losing your files or afraid of hackers. You started looking for free antivirus software, but you are confused.

This is your lucky day. Hence, we are going to help you to choose one program that you can use for all your windows systems.

Only Defencebyte software has all the system versions, instead of installing different useless programs in your devices.

We advise you to choose this program since it is efficient and work in all devices such as pc privacy shield.

Defencebyte is free antivirus software which you can use in different windows systems such as Windows Xp, Vista, 7, and Windows 10.

It became a company in Australia which offers its services and assistance by a huge number of agents.

Thus, Defencebyte is Best antivirus mac and pc.  I mentioned only computers since most of the important documents are in computers rather than other devices.

Why Defencebyte is more important in computers?

Big Companies, administrations, military, governments, and the majority of people are using computers to transfer, save, and make important rapports, documents, and important data.

So they must use the best antivirus software to protect their computers from attackers.

defencebyte antivirus free

Those attackers can still data to sell it or blackmail the victims. No one wants that.

So, it is better to install Defencebyte, since it has many tools which you can use as Defencebyte Privacy Shield softwar, Surfing Shield, and passwords.

Defencebyte plans, and tools:

There three main plans, you can choose the one you wants, every plan has its own capacity.

1 computer 1 year license 1 system 38.95 $
3 computers 1 year license 3 systems 78.95 $
5 computers 1 year license 5 systems 111.95 $
10 computers 1 year license 10 systems 181.95 $

Boost PC Performance Accelerate system speed:

  • Fix PC glitches
  • Clears computer registry
  • Removes invalid paths/programs Light & easy installation 
  • Quick to set-up & run

In addition to accelerating system speed, Defencebyte ca also:

  • Schedule Cleaning date, and time. You can also turns clean up to save time.
  • Cleaning cookies, deletes files, and conversations.

  • Privacy Shield software
  • Support all browsers
  • Deleted the selected activities

  • Removing traces.
  • Full scan of you devices
  • laptop privacy screen

  • Removes both offline and offline browsing history
  • You can setup the preferences quickly and easily.
  • The ability of Excluding apps and info from the cleaning process.

And you can discover a lot of other advantages of installing this program. By installing free trial for 30 days.

 defencebyte review
defencebyte review

You can visit Defencebyte official website to discover more services, and clients’ reviews.

If you are planning to install this program this program in mac, it is not supported.

Supported Operating Systems and Hardware Requirements:

Windows PC

CPU: 1 GHz 32-Bit/ 64 Bit

RAM: More than 128 Mb or above

Space: 500 Mb Free Space on Hard Disk

A quick revision of what we said about Defencebyte:

  • Free trial for
  • 4 basic plan:
38.95 $
78.95 $
111.95 $
181.95 $
  • Tools:
    • Fix PC glitches
    • Clears computer registry
    • Removes invalid paths/programs Light & easy installation 
    • Quick to set-up & run
  • Supported devices

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