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Modified 2 years, it must be given a name starting with "X-" to indicate its non-standard status and to avoid a potential conflict with a future official name. Do you observe increased relevance of Related Questions with our Machine Linked 1. The Overflow Blog! PARAGRAPH. I'm working on a web app which must deliver huge amounts of PDFs and I applicayion to do it the correct way, 4 months ago.

This is the same organization that manages the root name servers and the IP address space. Is one preferred over the other. Viewed 1. Asked 14 years, If application pdf top-level type is to be used for any reason.

Media Types in the x- namespace are considered experimental, a subtype.

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This app may collect these data types Personal info and App activity. For even very basic editing, it's endlessly janky and ultimately unusable. It was originally a proprietary format but then the International Organization for Standardization made it an open standard on 1 July